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Our Services

Putting You First

All services are provided online or via phone. Common issues addressed are depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, and school/work related issues.

Initial Consultation

15 Minutes $0

At TeleTherap we provide free consultations to give you the opportunity to learn more about us and determine if our online therapy services are a good fit for you. During consultation you will meet online with a Christian therapist who is licensed in SC to explore your need for online therapy and potential next steps such as scheduling a session.

Individual Therapy

60 Minutes $125  Clients Aged 13+

Individual therapy is a collaborative process and working relationship between a licensed therapist and client. TeleTherap uses an individualized and integrative approach to enhance the therapy process and to best address your needs.  Common approaches like Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Psychodynamic theory may be used in session along with faith-based principles.

Family Therapy

60 Minutes $150

TeleTherap use a holistic approach to address varied issues that may arise in a family. Family Therapy is different from Couples Therapy in that it may consist of one parent and one child, both parents and a child, co-parents, or the entire family unit. While on the other hand Couples Therapy consist of the couples only and focus on issues specific to the couple's relationship. Common issues addressed in Family Therapy may involve differences in parenting styles, blending families, need for boundary setting, dysfunctional roles, sibling rivalries, ect.

3 Easy Steps

Get Scheduled Today

At TeleTherap we recognize that it can be tempting to put off scheduling an appointment to address your mental health needs and downright scary. Thats why we make it easy to get started. Click Book Free Consultation button to get scheduled today.

Free Consultation

Click Book Now for your free 15-minute consultation today.  During consultation we will explore needs, services offered, and general recommendations for next steps.

Confirm Payment Method

Insurance will be confirmed before your scheduled. For self-payers the full cost of session is due at the time of session.

Schedule Appoinment

Once payment method is confirmed you will be scheduled for your session.

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