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Decide If Online Therapy Is Right For You

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

A new era of healthcare is on the horizon.

During the international COVID pandemic use of technology to provide mental health services has increased significantly.

Online Therapy or Telemental Health is the practice of providing mental health treatment via video conferencing or phone. Online Therapy can be delivered in real-time via platforms like Zoom and intermittently via text or emails.

In the current age of technological advancement, technology has impacted every industry including Healthcare. Online websites have become the next era of service delivery for both mental and physical healthcare.

Online Therapy is also known by other names such as Virtual Therapy or Telemental Health. Use of technology to provide mental healthcare has been in practice for several decades. However, up until the recent COVID pandemic, many barriers have hindered widespread use of Telehealth. For instance, States have different Telehealth laws, practice restrictions, and limited reimbursement from insurance companies. Telemental Health is currently being used to increase access to care in numerous settings like schools, jails, and hospitals around the world.

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